Born in Usmate, Milano area, Alessandro Maggioni started working with porcelain figurines - Capodimonte style - when he was 12 years old. At 22 he began his career as a sculptor.

From a very young age he showed his predisposition and talent to master details, revealing a rare gift to balance harmony of forms with expression.

In 1972 he established "Elite la Porcellana D'Arte" to which he devoted the following 20 years of his life. He created small sculptures in porcelain, much sought after by collectors, including 62 mannequins dressed in 1840-1940 style clothing, which made him known worldwide.

Alessandro Maggioni showcased his artworks in numerous exhibits and impromptu shows both in Italy and in Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom - where his mannequins are particularly appreciated – and the United States.

Since 1992 he has been constantly working for the most prominent companies in the porcelain and figurative art sector. It is worth mentioning, as an example of his outstanding eye for detail, a composition representing a 1920 kitchen where there are no less than 153 miniature figurines, both persons and objects, all meticulously crafted in the style of that period.

In 1994 he created a bronze statue portraying Fra' Claudio for the Sanctuary of Chiampo (Vicenza).
His Angel of Roses is one of his most significant and prestigious artwork. It is a large bronze sculpture more than four meters tall made in two copies and placed on one of the entrances to the cemetery of Detroit (USA).

Among his latest creations, it is of great value a silver reliquary made on the occasion of the beatification of Monsignor Giovanni Antonio Farina, founder of the Istituto Farina in Vicenza. It consists of four figures, which took more than 500 hours to make, that were donated by the patrons to His Holiness the Pope John Paul II. This reliquary is now listed among the artworks of the Vatican Museums where it is exhibited.
Alessandro Maggioni continues to work for galleries, foundries, art collectors, companies specializing in figurative art and other sectors too.

In the past years he has been teaching sculpture and modeling in schools and private companies.

He also produces works of art on commission, busts, portrait sculptures, and bas-reliefs.

Many works in various sizes and materials such as bronze, porcelain and earthenware are exhibited in his study.

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Maggioni Alessandro